US Troops Withdrawal From Iraq Cities


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Many thought that this time would not come for many years, but U.S.

Soldiers are out of Iraq cities. Yes, that is all. U.S. Soldiers now occupy the outside town in Iraq still. Iraq was excited for the pull-out that they declared June 30, 2009 a national holiday. U.S. Troops first entered Iraq in 2003. After 6 years of suicide bombings, missile launches, and innocent people dying, Iraq had enough of the United States' protection. What are the factors that caused the U.S.

Troops to withdrawal from Iraq cities?

1. Too many deaths- Truthfully, United States are tired of all the deaths. This is the main reason for the pull out of Iraq cities. There are too many suicide bombers and civilians who have made it hard for the U.S. soldiers to correctly perform their duties in Iraq cities.

Therefore, the many deaths of U.S. soldiers and others sparked the concern. This death count would make anyone want to leave and cut their losses.
2. Iraq wants freedom- Many Iraq people felt that the presence of U.S. soldiers caused strife among the others and took away many freedoms of their country. The newly formed government of Iraq have been asking this of the United States for a while and finally got their point across.

Iraq has been at war for many years. Before the Taliban, there were the Russians. There will hardly be a chance for peace in that country.
3. Presence is fueling the violence- Iraq leaders are blaming the violence in the cities on the American soldiers. Their statement claims that the presence of the troops is frightening the resistance and they are retaliating in harmful ways to innocent people. The thing is though; they fail to see that the violence will only get worse.

This is the argument of many people around the city.

In Iraq, there is a problem that is internal. They need to find out the problem and distinguish it. The United States is there in Iraq to reorganize order when it is lost. To have dictators in the world is never a good idea. They usually get tired of their own countries and want to venture further.

Such we have seen in the past of dictators. When the city gets to the bottom of the arguments, they can better help their country and become a better example to others. When this happens, there is a better chance of solving any conflict that is in the world. When people understand the different problems going on, they can get an informed decision planned.

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