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IMVU is a 3D virtual world that promotes social networking as a way of meeting huge numbers of people around the world, chatting, all night . fun spending time with friends in a magnificent 3D avatar world. It's a more intimate actual life situation since you are actually interacting with real people all over the world.
Become an active member of the virtual IMVU community. Create an Avatar of yourself that suits either your physical self or intellectual self. On IMVU, it is possible to meet literally all sorts of people put on different avatars; from your trendier, young looking avies, to the more extreme furries, vampires, mythical creatures, aliens, robots, celebrity look alike etc.
The most widely used female avatars have thin waists, fuller hips, and breasts and male avatars are often thinner, with less or a little more muscular shapes. That was strange! As I thought men wished to show off their muscular bodies. The least popular ones were the chubby men and women avatars.
There would be a discussion thread that I found worth it to read hence sharing along. Do you like what your Avatar appears to be? Would you like it to check more a split image of you? The responses were quite varied. Some liked as a mystery using their image and loved the make believe avatars, and some compared their Avi, to how they'd enjoy being, while some actually experimented with base their avatar on the real image.
Experience breathtaking graphics, and customize your property page; explore the field of IMVU.
IMVU can be a shopper's paradise, a massive catalog of more than three million items available. You can surf for that latest fashionable designer clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, plus much more to dress up in fashion. It's fun to be seen up your avatar, whatever you try is for free. Become a celebrity; own your own personal designer label, create 2D and 3D designs and sell your individual design right in IMVU's Catalog. Let you creativity flow. You can browse and buying products designed and sold by other players also.
Design and decorate your living space. Let your creativity run riot, build a personal space that you just always wanted that reflect the real you. Invite your virtual friends along with other members and throw an event and have a blast.
Finally, the maximum feature of most is that this 3D chat program supplies a unique strategy to meet and talk with thousands of people worldwide, connect with others and chat and make in touch with them through your individual avatar. You can play mini games, watch movies online, play the guitar, take pictures of the avatar, and in many cases update your profile!
Purchase ebooks such as clothing, room decorations, hairstyles, and music which can be on sale using IMVU Credits. PlaySpan can be your ticket to buying cheap IMVU Credits to purchase IMVU items making the 3D virtual world more fun.
By far IMVU is probably the best simulation chat service, with opportunities endless to create your world how you want it.

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