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When you destroyed orientation course or have uncertainty about having full mastery of your life time , Then come back to the point where you knew to be right and your living bright and re-orient yourself. Many of us have experienced different times in life time . Sometimes or often during the youth - teenage years or maybe even earlier was more religious, more intuitive, then throughout the course of reincarnation changes were made - made by us! conclusions were made - by us...

Many of these determinations and modifications in life were based strictly on intellectual facts and rarely on our innermost advice and beliefs . Many of these conclusions and changes were incorrect - as a consequence we drifted apart. We drifted apart from our innermost being - split ourselves into two - into soul and body .

Sometimes pressure from within arose a lot more that we allowed our innermost being to appear under certain conditions under controllable scenarios. Here's more info about Gmina Nowy �migr�d. Such as carnival, parties, vacation, travel away from home, Internet, chat,... Then we go back into separation again - separation from our soul... more and more .

So much separation until we know one day that our reincarnation has developed into a mess. A huge and ever developing mess and we look back occasionally when everything was different, better, more in concordance with all. Hours when we just knew what to do and how to apply it . Days when things simply went smooth and gentle every day.

Moments in our lives when we used to run into the best people at the right time at the appropriate position - time and again.

Now your mind may even be so blurred - too obscured to see the difference from then and now.

Go back in your memories - loosen up and make a revaluation . what initiated your drifting apart and away from felicity and harmony ?

What are you doing now different from then? Look at all criteria :

* Surroundings , where have you been when lifespan sensed better - and how is your the present day environment .
* What business or status did you have - and how is your current business .
* What allies did you carry on with - and how are your todays allies.
* How did you live your life then and now .

Find help to re-orient your life

Conform to Christ pedagogies on love to rearrange your total lifetime and fill up your life time with loving actions and a caring task . The Yoga Kriya Yoga initiation obtained in Jesus Christ pedagogies of love contains all meditation techniques to reconnect with our heavenly father .

If you have missed orientation now and felt better then some time in your past, then go back to that point, place, job-situation, friends , most or all criteria that you had then - re-establish your previous position as accurate as possible now years later. Avoid any components that made you drift away into shadow and deprivation of passion and happiness .

Then resume your full lifespan one more time . With the experience and perception of your here and now - listen to feelings, to intuition, to inspiration - follow your heart! Pray to God and ask for supreme being 's love and help. If you fully open for supreme being ,, you sure will feel God's presence in your life time again. supreme being is as being a compass for your own use - assuring you stay on your determined way of life of passion, successfully go across all spiritual lessons and successfully complete God teaching on passion, all spiritual dilemmas and last succeed to become one with our heavenly father by the end of the lifespan .

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