Understanding the Different Types of Hammocks

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Are you looking for a hammock but aren't sure which one to get? Having difficulty trying to differentiate between the different types of hammocks available? This article will give you a synopsis of the different types of hammocks available to you as well as some benefits of each.

The most common type of hammock is the rope hammock. Rope hammock swings contain rope or nylon but no fabric base. When you lay in the hammock the ropes will wrap around you supporting your entire body. Even though the ropes are very strong, they have an easier tendency to grow mildew and mold if they get wet. Rope hammocks also tend to be very unstable as the ropes can bunch up quickly reducing the size of the hammock making it harder to balance.

The most popular type of hammocks is fabric hammocks. Fabric hammock swings are made entirely of fabric. The fabric in a fabric hammock provides a base for the person to lye on. Due to this the hammock is easier to get on and off of with less chance of falling off. The most common fabric hammocks are quilted hammocks and Brazilian hammocks.

Quilted hammock swings are hammocks that are made with a quilt. Since quilts are thicker they provide a more comfortable padding to lay on. Also, since quilts usually have some air in between the layers, this allows the quilt itself to stay cool on a hot summer day. Quilted hammocks tend to be more durable than other types of hammocks. Quilted hammocks are also recommended for children since they have a greater stability then other hammocks.

Brazilian hammock swings are created by weaving certain cotton fibers that tend to be thicker than other types of hammocks. Brazilian hammocks also wrap themselves around your body whereas other hammocks you usually just rest on the top of the fabric. Brazilian hammocks are great for hanging between two trees. They also work well in colder weather since when you lay in a Brazilian your body is mostly covered by the fabric of the hammock. In addition to these types of hammocks there are variations of these that are offered in portable hammock swings, camping hammocks, foldable hammocks as well as many other options.

As you can see there are many types of hammocks out there. When selecting your hammock, make sure to evaluate all the needs that you have so that the hammock you purchase will benefit you greatly over time.

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