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Over occasion, contact lenses develop protein deposits expected to impurities away from your tears. These deposits build up on contacts over spare time, resulting in a motion picture that is may cause pain or blurred vision. Tear production is pure and serves to preserve your visions hydrated. When you cry, nonetheless, the production increases substantially, which can cause the protein film that would typically have weeks to increase to appear almost overnight. Proper cleaning will remove the motion picture plus allow you to see more clearly.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

Contacts Sterile saline answer Contact situation Protein remover

1 Scrub and waterless your hands to avoid introducing potentially dangerous bacteria to your vision.

2 Location the contact in the palm of your hand, also rinse it by a sterile saline solution. Rub the contact gently on the solution by your finger. Rinsing a contact in sterile saline will remove over half regarding the protein deposits on the lens.

3 Location the lens in a clear contact circumstance filled with fresh saline solution.

4 Repeat this process with both contact lenses.

6 Allow the contacts to sit in the solution with a minimum of four hours. It's superior to leave them overnight.

7 Rinse each contact well with the saline solution to remove any residual protein remover, being it will burn whilst positioned to your vision.

8 Put with the make contact with and make certain the blurry protein film yous gone.

Tips & Warnings

You can also add protein remover without delay to the contact within the palm about your hand, rub it until you determine bubbles, and then wash the contact properly. Clean your contacts with protein remover regularly, even if you have not been crying or make not notice an apparent protein build up. Undertake never add protein remover directly to your eye.


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