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Upper legs hair is generally thinner than the hair that grows on the lower parts of the leg, and the inner thigh skin is usually a more sensitive skin than the lower calves and legs. This means that the hair removal process can be similar as you know it, but has some big differences you can't afford to over look.

It can cause permanent side effects such as permanent skin discoloration and scarring. These side effects usually occur when the skin is traumatized due to over treatment. This is why it is very important to go to a reputable clinic to avoid these boo boos.

Actually, almost everyone requires multiple treatment sessions for optimal results. This is because hair grows in cycles. Not all of the laser hair removal (dig this) are in the growth phase at any given time. Additional sessions insure that you catch all of the hairs when they are in the growth phase.

There are so many techniques that can be used to remove hair. You can shave, wax, or have hair lasered off, but many times these processes can be difficult, painful, and hard to maintain. When you shave, you have to do it everyday to remove hair growth and people with sensitive skin have to be careful to avoid getting ingrown hairs and irritation. laser hair removal can be a great option for some, but often times results are not permanent and the process is expensive and can be painful. Waxing can be one of the best options as it yields longer lasting results and removes the entire follicle which can ultimately reduce and slow down regrowth.

This device is safe. It has been approved by the FDA and is actually recommended by physicians. Odds are you may not have used any device similar to this before, but it does not cause any harm to the eyes at all. However, if you are treating the face with this device, you will still want to avoid contact near the eyes. It comes with a cooling fan that sounds like a blowdryer when it is running. You will hear a popping sound with each pulsed light. This device causes warmth on the skin as well, as it is in use. There is still some advice you must follow when using this product. It is important to keep the treated area away from the sun. The sun's powerful rays may cause potential harm to the skin that this item was previously used on. It is important to keep that area well protected for a while.

Hair removal methods have its own negative and positive effect. The best result is directly proportional to the amount you are willing to spend on the process. If you have plenty of money to spend, go for the permanent result using laser.

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