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The Rally 200 was a significant performance upgrade to the Rally 180. It was the first production 200cc engine produced by Vespa. It featured an electronic ignition. The first series had the kill switch located below the seat under the helmet hook. The American imports are known for electronic problems.



Max Meyer original paint codes:
Orange: 12985875
Red: 12985806
Metallic Grey: 12988200

Serial Range

VSE1T 001001-0010300
VSE1T 0010301-0042275


197.97cc Single piston rotary valve 2 stroke
12.5hp @ 5700 rpm
Bore:Stroke - 66.5x57mm
Compression: 8.2:1



Wiring for the Femsatronic electronic ignition stator

Red - Power to the CDI

Green - Trigger to the CDI From The Ignition Pickup

Blue - Link From The CDI to the Capacitor/Condenser remoted on the stator

Black - Ground to chassis at CDI

Yellow - One Side of a full wave AC stream with no ground reference

Yellow - The Other Side of a full wave AC stream with no ground reference

Green - Full wave AC out WITH ground reference

Black - Ground to junction box

Red - Kill switch lead

from Kristian Storli at BAR ITALIA CLASSICS




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