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What defines a vintage scooter is subject to debate.

It most likely means a metal-bodied scooter with a clutch, that is old, Also, some quite old automatic scooters, (cushman, Fuji Rabbit) are considered vintage.

In terms of "How old?"

One oft-used yardstick is 25 May 1983, convenient as Piaggio had already left the US market and referred to as "pre-Return_of_the_Jedi", or just "pre-Jedi."

Another yardstick has been "If the scooter was human would it be old enough to buy an alcoholic drink legally in a bar?" (otherwise known as 21 years), though in recent years as this has included the large influx of the mid-80's surge in Japanese automatic scooters, it has more detractors.

Argument surrounds the inclusion of the P Series, especially the PX as well as the T5.

Increasingly more dissent regarding the Millenium reissues, PK and COSA Vespas. Classic has a following to denote many of these vintage-at-heart scooters.

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