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Vitamin C is one of the coolest vitamins for the human skin. Possibly this is too the most common vitamin to people across the earth.� Vitamin C, which is too noted as ascorbic acid, is one of the primary vitamins for good health.� The real purpose of this vitamin is to help keep strong connective tissue.� If� someone has an short amount over a long period of time he will most probably suffer from the inadequacy disease known as scurvy.

But perhaps Vitamin C is popular to several people, especially to women, because of its capability to contribute healthy skin. This vitamin is noted to raise youthful condition of the skin. It can forbid aging symptoms, such as wrinkles and other signs that are prevalent among older individuals and even to some younger ones. This vitamin too helps in the formation of collagen, which is a form of protein that maintains the skin and some other vital organs of the human body.

In addition, other advantages Vitamin C can give to the skin too include moisturizing, cleansing and exfoliating effects. Given these capabilities of this vitamin, the skin can turned healthier and finer in look, smother, soft and wrinkle-free. On this mark, conscious people of their skin should make sure that they get Vitamin C in their eating habit to stimulate the development or formation of collagen in their body.

Other useful manner in which this vitamin can aid the skin is its power as antioxidant. On this remark, it can stop damage on the skin, or if it is damaged, Vitamin C can aid fix the skin to make a healthier skin look.

Some people prefer extracts of Vitamin C-rich sources, just like fruits and veggies. For example, they utilize lemon or calamansi extract to clean and exfoliate the skin. Extracts can as well eradicate flaws. You can cut a lemon or calamansi in half and acquire the extracts on cotton. After that you can dab the cotton on your face, especially on areas that are prone to skin troubles.

So the following question will be which food carries Vitamin C?

As said earlier, Vitamin C is all there in many foods like fruits and vegetables. The main sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits and vegetables. Among fruits, limes, Gooseberries, guavas,� lemons,oranges,� and papayas are the very precious sources of this vitamin. Still, root vegetables and potatoes have lower amounts. Potatoes, on the other hand, can account for a huge proportion of the full ascorbic acid consumption due to the amount usually consumed on a daily ground. Animal-based merchandises contain solely small measures of this vitamin, just like fish.

If you have viewed there are several skin care products which are supported on Vitamin C today. This entails that it is more accessible for individuals to consume Vitamin C in order to have a stable skin and body. Vitamin C has been verified to be truly good in keeping not merely the skin healthy and fresh, but as well as the entire body system. So, consume your Vitamin C immediately and get a stable skin and body!

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