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Dont let go your of your women--hold your daughters close. Waxon 7 has arrived. This Chicago Native 5 piece Rock band will melt the wax at every show. Exploding into the Chicago scene in 2003, they have slowly but surely melted their way into the souls of their fans. This is rock in its rarest form, loud, raw and uncensored. With a tinge of old school punk and ska thrown in the mix for flavor. Their sound is by no means retro, rather, more in tune with the basics of rock. They have a distinct sound and an even stronger following. With the occasional go-go girl gyrating on stage, their shows are not to be missed, as each one is always different. Labeled as pimp rock for the new generation, Waxon 7 is more than just your average band--its an experience.

The ULTIMATE scooter band, mainly because of "Why Dont You Start"

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