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What Are Mobile City Players? Although general statistics about mobile phones can be analyzed and tilted toward any opinion, what is undeniable is their convenience and widespread use. We take mobile phones everywhere we go. They hold personal information, business addresses, notes, and reminders to pick up the kids and the dry cleaning. They have become a necessity.

Mobile phones can also entertain us. Mobile gaming, whether network connected or stand alone, is on the rise as mobile phone use becomes more and more popular. Mobile game players can connect city-to-city, nationally or internationally. What games are they playing and who are the players?

Stand Alone Mobile Games

Sitting in the waiting room of your doctor's office and bored out of your mind? Grab that cell phone and checkout your preloaded game choices. Most cell phone manufacturers load cell phones with several single player games. These games will not require a network connection so there is no need to worry about adding to your monthly cell phone bill.

Common games on the preloaded phones are Tetris and Solitaire. Adding more stand-alone games is easy, just choose the "shop games" option on your cell phone and find your favorites. Or, you can go on line, search for your favorites and then request to pay and download them directly to your phone.

Multi-Location, Multi-Player Mobile Games

Most mobile gaming comes in the form of downloaded or preloaded products. Recent interest in multi-player mobile games has increased the number of mobile city players. Cell phones can be used for multi-player gaming through the use of Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS, WAP, and other similar technologies.

Bluetooth allows multi-players within a certain distance of each other to communicate and share a game. Bluetooth would only cover the distance within a city and not much further. GPS mobile games are oriented for location based gaming. Gaming involving scavenger hunts work well with GPS. However, WAP, 3G and GPRS can accommodate longer distances. The number of global mobile players is small but growing.

New features for many board type mobile games include several innovative player options. If you enjoy playing games with others, look for mobile games that offer pass and play, battle or network modes. Or consider downloading games that will work in real time on multi-player networks with chat capability.

Who Are the Mobile Players in Your City?

According to a recent article by Parks Associates, women are the dominate players of mobile phone games. Women tend to like board and card games, which are easily adapted into mobile games. Men like action oriented gaming.

Although action oriented games tend to require a larger viewing area, space to move and locations that allow for verbal response, there are strategy and sports games that are designed for mobile phones. Consider mobile strategy games like the popular SimCity Metropolis, or simulated sporting events like playing in a pro football game under Dave Madden's tutelage or a pro golf tournament with Tiger Woods.

Popular downloads for mobile player games are long time favorites such as Pictionary, Monopoly, Mahjong, Yahtzee, Life, and Scrabble.

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