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Yamaha is a manufacturer of lots of things, up to and including scooters.

Yamaha marketed a classic scooter back in 1960 in Japan which was similar in style to the Riva. It was not a success, partly due to Fuji and Mitsubishi's domination of the Japanese market, Around 1980 that Yamaha decided to re-enter the scooter market with updated versions of their earlier attempt and this time they were successful, both in Asia, Europe and in the US. In fact, Yamaha modern scooter designs have been copied by other companies in Asia and marketed under other nameplates, and Yamaha has also entered into various licensing agreements around the world.

Yamaha produces a popular scooter line in France through their wholly-owned subsidiary MBK (formerly called Motobecane), which sells quite well throughout Europe, including in Italy.

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