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If you're looking for great beer and even better food in Salt Lake City, there's only one place to go. Squatters Pub Brewery located at 147 W. Broadway in historic downtown is both a brewery, producing award winning Squatters beer and excellent food fit for all tastes and preferences. The atmosphere is hip and fun with a little bit of historic flair, as it is located in an old brick building in the heart of the city. With a unique feel, great staff, and fantastic food and beer, Squatters is an excellent place to go and experience the Salt Lake City nightlife, or just relax on a Sunday afternoon for brunch. Either way, Squatters Pub Brewery is the place to be.

After it's picked up, it will go to the city's giant compost pile where it will become approximately 20,000 cubic yards of compost and mulch over the next year. Your autumn leaves won't be in orange bags that sit for weeks or get hit by cars, and your Christmas tree will leave with your weekly pick up, instead of sitting on the curb.

What I didn't expect was the deep affinity that develops between a keeper and her charges. Who would have thought that penguins could even tell one person from another, much less prefer one keeper enough to vie jealously for her attention? That a cheetah would recognize his special keeper and rush to the front of his cage when that person walks by? Or that a porcupine could be so charming? Physical contact is kept at an absolute minimum with most animals. Nevertheless, a relationship develops between keeper and animal that is based on deep trust and mutual respect. What an incredible opportunity to witness that relationship up close.

With that in mind, I set out to get an insider's view of a zoo. Utah's Hogle Zoo, located in used cars for sale, offers an educational program called Keeper for a Day. Since the heroine in my new book goes to work as a zookeeper with no prior experience, the program was tailor-made for my purposes. I placed a few phone calls, obtained the necessary documentation (including proof of a negative TB test), and a week later, reported for duty.

One thing that can help a child overcome fear is to understand what dentists do. The misconception that dentists hurt children should be removed from their minds and replaced with simple facts. Dentists are out to help people have a better smile and improve overall health.

The Muscle Pharm Corp. (MSLP.OB) "manufactures and markets sports nutrition products for athletes, body builders, and health minded individuals". Their logo has been seen a lot lately at UFC and other events. There is a growing list of well-known fighters that have been endorsing their products.

Despite these most popular routes, you can board an Amtrak train just about anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States. The only state the carrier does not transit through is South Dakota. Amtrak even goes to Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in Canada.

Davies was the Cougars leading bench scorer against the Wildcats. As a freshman he chipped in six points and a pair of boards in 13 minutes of playtime.

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