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Toys are an essential part of a dog�s well-being, helping them burn off steam, work their brain and bond with their owner.
However, if your dog�s aggressive approach to his or her toys sees them chomping and chewing their way through one every other week then read on. Alex Frith of dog lifestyle blog Barkarama shares almost-indestructible dog toys to entertain and thrill your pooch.

1. Happy Pet Grubber Ball: �10.39, amazon.co.uk
Suitable for games of fetch and tug, this weighty rubber toy has been specially designed to massage your dog�s gums and clean their teeth while they play, to help promote a healthy doggy smile. It�s also easy to wipe clean if your dog�s a bit of an enthusiastic drooler.

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2. Happy Pet Tough Toy Nobbly Wobbly Dog Toy: �2.38, amazon.co.uk

The Nobbly Wobbly Dog Toy is a rainbow of fun. It rolls and bounces like a ball but because of its shape your dog can�t predict where it will land making playtime that bit livelier. Plus it has lots of nooks and crannies to bury treats to interest and entice your furry best friend.

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3. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Tennis Ball: �9.99, muddypaws.co.uk

If your dog is a pro tennis-ball-destroyer then this is the buy for you. Made from the award-winning Orbee-Tuff material, it can withstand the toughest of chompers. Bouncy, buoyant, mint-scented and designed to fit in most standard ball launchers, throw it at park or by the sea for your dog�s sporting pleasure.

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4. Orbee Tuff Strawberry: �12.45, petspyjamas.com

One of your dog�s five a day (sleep, eat, play, walk, repeat), this tasty-looking, bright strawberry dog toy is perfectly sized to suit small and medium sized dogs. It also features a treat-spot to keep your dog amused for longer.
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5. The Bumi Tough Rubber Fun Tug Dog Toy �15, houndworthy.com
Tuggable, throw-able, float-able, bounce-able, this bad-boy is designed to take whatever your dog throws at it. Confident in its durability, the manufacturer offers a free, one-time replacement guarantee against �dog damage� should your hardened canine criminal manage to wreck it in just a few hours.

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6. Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy: �18.50, mungoandmaud.com
Ears, arms or feet - where to start first? A cute companion for a toy collection, your dog will enjoy sinking his teeth into this Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy and chewing away the hours. Hands off humans, this tasty-looking bear is for dogs only!
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7. Beco Ball On Rope: from �5.99, becopet.com

Play comes naturally to eco-friendly dog toy company Beco Pets and we love their Ball On Rope. Made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres, the ball is extra-strong and durable making it great for chewers. Used for a game of fetch, the rope handle will allow you to achieve extra throwing distance for your dog�s delight.

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8. Tasty Bone Dog Toy, Bacon: �4.99, johnlewis.com

Bacon and bones ­- your dog will go barking mad for this treat. This nylon toy will satisfy his urge to chew and help maintain strong and healthy gums. Should its bacon flavour send him into overdrive, any small fragments will pass through your dog�s system harmlessly if swallowed, making it a safe and durable buy.

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9. Good Boy Wild Tugz Lizard Dog Toy: �3.49, petplanet.co.uk

A tug toy to please your pooch and your purse, the Wild Tugz Lizard toy is made from highly durable canvas and stitched together with extra-strong, heavy-duty cotton to withstand throwing, fetching and tugging. It also contains a squeaker to drive your little animal wild.

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10. KONG Extreme Black Large: �7.97, fetch.co.uk
The KONG is the daddy of tough chew toys, having kept dogs entertained for over thirty years. Made from an ultra-strong, ultra-durable rubber compound, it can handle the most powerful of jaws and is great for alleviating doggy boredom. Fill with treats for an added playtime bonus.

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With its manufacturer�s replacement guarantee against �dog damage� and scope for all kinds of play, The Bumi Tough Rubber Fun Tug Dog Toy comes out top as our star buy for your dog. However, you can�t go wrong with a ball and, in dog world, the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff has balls of steel.

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