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Facebook where do we even start. The good, the bad, the ugly, the must have for businesses. Facebook is a great platform for your business to reach out to people and a business page is a great marketing tool. There are however thing you have to consider and do to make your business page successful. Below are 20 tips for effective marketing through your Facebook business page.
With over 80% of people using mobile devices to search internet and over 60% purchasing on a mobile device -- you want to join in on the fun and the possibility of earning more customers whom will bring your more business income. But, if you're going to slap together a Facebook page and expect leads and customers to roll in, you've got another think coming.
1. Tailor your page:
Once you set up your page, you can modify it in various ways. You can control your page’s visibility, permit your fans to post on your timeline, moderate their posts, and let them leave reviews. You can share details of your organization, and receive notifications of activities as per seo boise your needs. You can also control who among your staff accesses or manages your page.
2. Customize your Cover Photo:
You will need to pick a Cover Photo that'll blow your current and potential Fans out of the water. DO NOT just post a nice picture. Since it gets the most space above the fold on your Facebook Page, make sure you're choosing one that'll be pleasing to their eyes -- and maybe even make them stay longer on your Facebook Page. Utilize this cover photo to include your website, email, and phone number so it’s right there in front of them, seo company boise company idaho so they do not need to search for it (see next item).
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3. Optimize you profile picture and cover photo with links:
Depending on your goals with Facebook, you should think about including links to your website in your Profile Picture and Cover Photo. Whether it's to a blog post, a piece of lead-gen content, or just an "about us" page, links are opportunities for interested folks to get to know your company. The descriptions of your Profile Picture and Cover Photo are prime real estate for those links, as they'd be front and center on your page.
4. Be lively:
It is not sufficient to just create a page, you must keep it active. Post a status update every day or every other (just be consistent), share relevant content, share current news about your industry, and share your blog posts on your page. Lastly and minimally promote products.
5. Post more than just advertising content:
Apart from posting content related to your products, you can also post milestones, offers, and events. But more importantly, your fans will appreciate you for sharing useful information that is more than promotional in nature. You can also pin a post to the top of your page to make sure it gets more attention. You have to remember people don’t want to be "sold to".
6. Involve with your fans:
You have great content, now you need to know who your content is targeted at and post social media company boise correctly. Keep your posts short, use dynamic images, and offer links to your websites. Reply to posts from your fans and reply to their messages in a timely manner hours not days – don’t keep them waiting. Request from them what they would like to see on your business page. It might be a good idea to offer a few deals and previews exclusively on Facebook, this is once you have developed that relationship with those whom are on your page.
7. Boost Important Post and Videos:
To increase your reach, apart from inviting your customers and friends interested in your business to like your page, you can also promote your page through Facebook’s paid advertising service. There are 2 ways, an ad or a post boost. With ads you can promote the page itself or your website. The post boost can typically be any post you have. Though there are times where Facebook will deny a boost for one reason or another.
8. Boost Exclusive Discount or promotions:
Like promoting your page, you can boost a few select posts. When you boost a post, it will appear in your audience’s news feed and you can reach out to their entire network. You can choose your audience to be those who already like your page or reach out to an entirely new audience based on their geographical location, their personal interests (those from their Facebook page), age, or gender.
9. Use Pages Manager:
Available for iOS and Android, the Pages Manager app allows you to update your page on-the-go. You can also receive notifications of activity on your page, and view or respond to them. This is very good for small business owners whom are very busy and need to try and stay consistent with answering in a timely manner.
10. Use Facebook Page Insights:
Facebook Page Insights is a measurement tool that permits you to see the effectiveness of your strategy. You can see which post received the most engagement, how many people came to your page and how many people liked the page, as well as get demographics of your audience. With this data you can determine what it is about those posts that made them more popular, and use this insight to shape your marketing strategy to your best advantage.
11. Use Adverts Reporting:
If you run an advertising campaign on Facebook, you can use Adverts Reporting to evaluate your campaign’s impact. You can also use Adverts Manger to make any changes to your campaign.
12. Connect with Words and Pictures:
People are visual and short attention spans so to get them to even think about reading something you will need to wow them quickly.
13. Keep your creative refreshed:
Think outside the box when posting to you page. Get creative but also need to be careful. You may think that making fun of an airline company and something that happened is funny and make a meme, however with business pages, this is not the platform to be doing that. People take offense easily and you don’t need to help that out by what your posting.
14. Post Consistently:
In addition to boosting posts, being consistent in the quality and types of ongoing posts that you create. These can help your audience know what kinds of messages to expect from you.

15. Target you posts:
Making sure that you are not wasting time, effort, and money, make sure you know who and how you are targeting on your page. It is very easy to lose track of this and waste a lot of the time and money into getting people and engaging people that do not have any interest in what your business is about.
16. Create call to actions:
Posting content with a call to action will let your audience know what you want them to do next, and increase your chances of them doing so. Do you want them to like the post? Ask them! Do you want them to read an article on your website? You can literally ask the questions. Create your call to action button on the top near your cover photo and also make sure the call to action is on every post or boost you do.
17. Customize your app thumbnails:
You know those four boxes underneath your Cover Photo? Those are thumbnails for the apps on your page:

Make sure those are optimized as well. Choose the most engaging apps out of all the ones you've enabled on your page to appear in the top row. Then, try customizing the images to maximize their engagement rate. Not every business needs apps, we actually don’t use apps because we do not use Facebook as our main Social Media Outlet. However if you are going to us this as one of your only select few then it is a good idea.

18. Ask questions:
Engage in your audience and see what they want to talk about. The more real you are with the people on your page and the more you can discuss like a real person, the more quicker and more they will trust what your opinion is and what you are selling. It’s really relationship building 101 that too many small business forget to do. The big reason is small business owners are still doing a lot of in person meeting and appointments. Facebook book isn’t as much or thought of as much as hands on and personal.

19. Enhance your page with Apps:
You will want to customize your entire page not just the above. Customize your tabs with just some of the following:
• Email Capture Form or Contact Form Apps
• Quiz and Polls
• Blog or RSS Feed Apps
• Automatic or social media company salt lake city scheduled Posting Apps
• Social Media Integration Apps
• Ecommerce or Page Storefront Apps (Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce and others)
• Contest Apps
• Live Video Apps
• Review Apps
• Coupon Apps
• Appointment Scheduling Apps
• Customer Service Apps
• Job Listing Apps

20. Schedule your posts and events:
To better manage your time, you can schedule your posts in advance and plan for upcoming holiday events and specials. Schedule your posts when most of your fans are online. You can find out when your fans are online by visiting your Page Insights and going to the posts tab. After you've scheduled a post, you can manage your scheduled posts by going to the top of your Page and choosing Edit Page and then selecting Use Activity Log. SEEO More articles Here.

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