5 Low Cost Business Ideas

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Low Cost Business Ideas
Everyone wants to be their own boss. Imagine yourself laying back on a beach chair enjoying the sunset.
That seems like everyone's dream. The first step to achieving that dream is to start your own business. Many entrepreneurs complain that they do not have good ideas or they do not have enough starting capital. Business can be created with low cost business ideas. Finding low cost ideas aren't as hard as you think.

The next time you go to the mall or the next time you go out to grab something to eat, ask yourself, what problems are out there? What can I do to solve them? Sure, some business require heavy capital, but a lot of successful business started off with low cost business ideas.

1. Start A Blog
A blog is one of the best low cost business ideas. You only need to pay for the domain name of the website and monthly hosting fees. For under 50 dollars, you can easily start a blog. Monetizing your blog is quite easy as well. Google adsense and other private sponsors makes it extremely easy for you to monetize your blog.

The cons of this business is that it takes time and effort. If you are going to write a few articles and then call it a quit, your most likely not going to get far. Be consistent in this blogging business and you will see earnings go higher and higher each month.
2. Consulting Business
Is there something that you are good at? Do you help your friends fix their computers all the time? Your best bet would be to start a consulting business. A consulting business is extremely profitable because you can be home based and your selling a service, which means you do not have to buy a whole lot of stuff.

Consulting, is more than just low cost business ideas, it can be a NO cost business idea. Find something that you are good at and start telling your friends and family about it. Create a website that shows your portfolio and skills.
3. Car Detailing
Washing cars for a living might sound wacky, but you can do more than just wash cars. You can be a mobile detailer, who washes cars, vaccums them and waxes the cars. It might sound like a lot of work, but it pays off pretty well. Finding clients is extremely easy with local freelance websites like website and website .

There might be some early equipment cost, but nevertheless this is still apart of low cost business ideas. I know of car detailing shop owners that average over 200$/hr!
4. Dropshipping
Dropshipping is a type of ecommerce, where you can set up and run a fully inventory filled online shop without ever having to touch the inventory yourself. For example, you can have an online shop that sells a list of computers, but you never actually have to physically own the computers.

Sounds sweet right? This is how it works. You work with multiple wholesale/dropship manufacturers. Each time a customer buys something from your website, you forward the shipping information to the manufacturers and they ship things out for you. Your profit comes in from whatever amount you marked the price up on the item.
You can find a whole list of dropshippers on dropshipping databases. This is without a doubt one of the best low cost business ideas.

5. Iphone/Android Phone Repair
With the rising technology and the heavy usage of cell phones, starting an iphone/android repair business is very profitable. You can learn how to fix almost any phone at or if you want to specialize in iphones you can use website . Ifixit is a tutorial website with over thousands of do it yourself tutorials.
Icracked is a big iphone repair company. You can apply for their jobs and they will provide full training for cell phone repair. The cow of starting this business is quite low, therefore making it apart of low cost business ideas

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