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Scooter Maintenance is a never ending process. If you keep up on it, your bike will break down much less often and you will become familiar with your scooters idiosyncracies.

Every month

  1. Drain and replace gear oil
  2. Check nuts and bolts for tightness
  3. Check cables for fraying or stretching - adjust as needed
  4. Check battery fluid (if you have one)

Two Months

  1. Clean air filter
  2. Check carburetor jets
  3. Check fuel filter
  4. Grease
    1. gear selectors
    2. front wheel hub
    3. brake controls
    4. flywheel cam felt
    5. Spedometer cable and pinion (do not get grease on top end where it enters the speedometer)
  5. Clean spark plug and readjust gap
  6. Check bulbs

Four Months

  1. Clean breaker points and reset gap
  2. Decarbonize piston and head and retorque bolts
  3. Flush gas tank and air dry
  4. Check tire wear
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