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The focal point of any wedding has always been the bride.
A main portion of that relates to the engagement and wedding ring that the bride will be wearing on that special day. No one ever asks the groom to see his new wedding band because it�s simply been an established tradition for the men�s wedding band to be somewhat cost effective and plain.

Those days are in the past. With the popularity of titanium, palladium and tungsten carbide rings, the world of men's wedding bands has reached a whole new level of elegance. As men become more image conscious the desire to have jewelry that stands out has driven the market to new levels of excellence.

Designers like Edward Mirell have taken the helm and have helped to design bands that will be as inspiring as the sparkle in a bride�s eye. Designers like J.R. Yates have maintained an elegant contemporary look that maintains a level of manliness that has inspired to go beyond the boring styles of their father�s and into a new generation of exciting design.

With cost in mind these new designs have been able to maintain the equivalent cost of their predecessors and still cost a small fraction of what the brides ring will cost. This allows individuals looking for the perfect wedding band the opportunity to find a cost effective wedding band that suits their taste while keeping extra money for wedding favors.

Along with design changes the color choices have reached a whole new level as well. Titanium can come in multiple colors including black. When used in conjunction with silver titanium it can make for a very stunning effect. Rope bands and diamond set bands have also become very popular amongst new grooms and even celebrities like the Tuttles have put their name behind this newly renovated industry.

With all of the new choices for men�s wedding bands it easy to see why men have willingly jumped to these new designs as they present a great value and they look stunning. With a titanium wedding band you�ll share the spotlight with your bride and people will be asking you to see your new ring.

It won�t be long that every man looking for a wedding ring will be sporting a new titanium or tungsten band that has been designed for a new generation of man that is image conscious as well as price conscious. Titanium weddings bands stand as an excellent quality product for a new generation.

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