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This article is about the scootering event. For the Rally line of Vespa scooters, see: Rally series

A scooter rally is an event that brings together scooterists from different areas to, amongst other things:

  • meet other scooterists
  • ogle each others scooters and talk shop
  • ride
  • drink alcoholic beverages (or rootbeer) inciting to drunk dials a leading form of the next point
  • create and participate in varying levels of jackassery

Many events or rides have been labeled rallies (or equally squalid, the "one-day rally"), however to really contain the essence of a scooter rally, a group of scooterists individuals and/or scooter clubs gather for at least one full overnight, with the span of scheduled event greater than 24 hours apart, typically over a weekend.


Rally Events

Some typical events found at a scooter rally include:

Meet and Greet

The Friday night of the rally (or Thursday night for larger rallies - e.g. Vegas) is typically when the meet and greet is held. If a city rally, it is usually held at a local watering hole.


Most rallies have at least one long group ride, usually on the Saturday of the rally. Some rallies offer multiple rides, which may include a a fast ride, a slower city or shopping ride, or challenges, such as a poker run or scavenger hunt.

See also: How to Ride in a Group


Most rallies have some sort of music-related entertainment, be it DJs, bands, or a watering hole jukebox. The genres of music that are most aptly suited to a scooter rally include northern soul, 60s garage, ska, hardcore, punk, and anything that rocks or gets you on the dance floor.

Skill Tests

While also quite entertaining, rallies sometimes offer skill challenges to a) see who has best control of their scooter, and b) for you to make an utter ass of yourself! Events include gymkhana, slow race, and the family ride.


Awards are given out, which typically include Best in Show/People's Choice, Best Vespa/Lambretta/Rat, Furthest Ridden, and Rally Asshole/Jackass.

SWAG (Stuff we all get) Almost all rallies provide a rally patch and/or t-shirt as well as a rally bag. Some rallies also have corporate sponsorship, providing free merchandise.

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