Top 5 Whiskey Bars in Netherlands


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The vibe of Netherlands makes you sit back and relax and enjoy not just the fine weather but the whole of atmosphere of the country. Apart from sightseeing and visiting landmarks and what not, you are bound to taste the whiskey of Netherlands. Whether you are malt person or a scotch one, Netherlands has it all. The bars and pubs are perfect places to grab a couple of drinks. The nightlife of Netherlands is equally happening and the after darks hours are more than perfect to grab a few drinks with your mates. If you are planning to visit Netherlands and intend to make the best of bars and pubs there, here is handy list of Top 5 Whiskey Bars of Netherlands.

Caf� Belgique

It might be one of the smallest whiskey bars in Amsterdam but it still finds enough space to house eight Belgian draught beers and 30 bottled varieties. It is situated amongst tourist traps in an alleyway right across Dam square. This bar holds great credibility and charm primarily because of its DJs and as a major hangout for street artists.


When you enter Pollux late at night, don't be surprised to find wax statues of its owners (a Frit couple) who single-handedly run the bar while the wife sits chain smoking and ordering neat vodkas. Her statue sits in a similar manner. The remnants of the former style of this bar can still be spotted such as the stripper pole. But what will entice you more about this 50s style jukebox is the classic rock and soul.

Whiskeycafe L&B

The hardest thing about visiting this bar is picking the right tipple. The place has over 1400 varieties of whiskey and bourbon that have been sources all over from Canada, Japan, Scotland, America and India. Lucky for you, the staff shows enthusiasm in pouring and providing samples and guiding you through the extensive menu. The genteel and relaxed atmosphere of this place is bound to keep you occupied.

De Paap Music Caf�/ Bar

This is one of the most popular bars of Hague, Netherlands. If you want to experience the true colors of nightlife in Netherlands, this is one place you should not miss. During the evening hours, the bar is relatively quiet but as the sun goes down, the place starts to fill up. This is an ideal place for a few drinks with family and friends.

Wynand Fockink

This is no ordinary bar and apart from your usual beer and liquor, you get to taste history too. The bar is situated in Amsterdam and lets you explore the history of its host city. And once here, do not forget to try the house special, the "Boswandeling" or the "Half en Half". You can also try the three year old jenever, "WF Superior" of the distillery. When in Amsterdam, do visit the Wynand Fockink, not just for the drinks and history but also for the collection of antique bottles.

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