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De Argentina (sanjuan) vos sos arhsentina también? :B <3 My favorite song is get mad Me he dado cuenta de que la gente suele decir "No soy racista, pero...".Pero nunca al revés:"Soy racista, pero mi vecino negro es la ostia". Con todo en el DF promoción intensa. Recuerden sábado 25 en el CHOPO!!! esse dia <3 haha, why you get a new bed? *The between video game makers and Hollywood. i got to make some contacts. never have i seen so much FLOPPING. wtf??? ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh. Thanks lol Thank you Ellie! :)

Why are people so rascist about asians now? arewejustthatamazing ? EnMisocial mediaIdeal Nunca se hablaría de sexo y dejaríamos de lado el sarcasmo, me cuesta entenderlo. sense change of culture. Not just changeup, will be tough for Pineda. Young, and Sea to NYY change is big. give time Seriously, u need to like. cheng me drink java chips frap :( My babe would^.^ : "When all you know is oh so far away and the stars no longer shine like they did the first time... Lls i do *no restrictions* i eat any kinda food datz worth eating Lls

Lakers set to tip it off in against the Pistons on KCAL/9 & . é isso ai compre logo seu ingresso como Moussa Dembélé's first touch led light bulbs is sublime. !! Loud Applause for Jay-Zs Plans to Banish B*tch After BlueIvyCarter's Birth; men evolve after having baby girls.

I am certainly for that!!! OnlyBeliebers would name their idol's eye brows and Tebow may need to rework contract with trade. $6.055 mil in '13 & $7.145 mil in '14 is lot of $$$ if he's not a starting QB. Congrats to who was once again named one of the top 10 big category columnists in country in contest No girl suck , but somehow all get HEAD. only love BAD , yet all these UGLY girls gettin pregnant SOMEBODY LYING!

I gave +K about Tokyo on My phone is acting up don't do the facebookin lol. It was sooooooo funny. ThrowBackSongs : Who Shot Ya _Biggie can't wait, so excited!! MountainBrunch newmediabrunch Bank of England's Weale says further bond purchases not likely to be needed beyond May. Omg at least upload a profile picture Eleanor, I'm following AN EGG!

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