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Kiezer Soze  Date: 2003-09-25 00:36:34
Comments: Day 24
Menke's Hat is back from Southern California. We gave it time off for it's own good behavior But as Ms Chelsea and Mr. Menke were not able to accomplish their given tasks, we let the Swine who handled the job have some time alone with the Hat. And no, there was nothing to our knowledge going on in Portland, but their was a rally some place else in that state. But the hat really needed sunshine (it miss's the sun after all up here) we let our Swine take it to sunny Southern California for part of the week.
Ms. Chelsea, you could not trust F*ccking Steve to handle pictures for you? Is everything alright in pleasesentville? As for Steve, he procrastinated and knew a storm was coming. He should have written his paper and posted it before the storm hit. Even we knew you'd have trouble on Friday after all. Maybe Mr. Menke should have his alcohol privileges suspended by Ms. Chelsea so he can finally finish this paper. So his given task this week is finish paper as we instructed earlier, but now it is back to seven (that's "7") paragraphs in length. WE expect it posted by this Monday on the International scooter BBS in the "International Anything BBS" area as instructed earlier.
Ms. Chelsea, we will have a new task for you soon, so be warned. But you're backaward task for the moment is to make sure that Menke writes his paper. You are to double check his spelling and cross all his t's too.
Kiezer Soze.

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