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DescriptionI responded to an ad for a Vespa Sidecar from one Lynn Fenn Edgington from Victoria, BC. The sidecar was listed for $400. I made contact and arranged to pay her through PayPal. She received our payment and then said she needed to refund money because she didn't have the cash to pay for shipping and duty fees. She refunded the money into PayPal and wanted us to send her a moneygram instead. I went to my bank and got a personal money order instead and sent it off. All of this occurred back at the end of June. Here it is August, I have still not received sidecar. Ms. Edgington claims that she has never received the money. My bank verified that the money order had been cashed by her bank back on July 14th. She still maintains she has not received the money. I should also mention that her response time to emails is not prompt at all. As much as we want a sidecar, at this point I feel we've been scammed and I'm not sure what my recourse is. I either want the sidecar or my money back stat. To make matters more interesting, I'm in California. Does anyone have advice for me?

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LocationFelton, CA 
email[retreive email address]
Date posted2017-08-11 16:32:14