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1981 P200e
Year/Make/Model1981 P200e 
Description1981 Vespa P200e. $3600 See images here - This is NOT a gamble-bike, although it was when I bought it, so don't make the same mistake I did. The bike has been used as a daily driver for the last 2 years and has been completely mechanically rebuilt. It is in perfect running order, and I have rebuilt and restored almost everything back to original. Everything has been sorted out and most of the work was done by reknown shop and Vespa afficianado - Scooter Bellisimo in Los Angeles. I have Videos of rebuild if you would like to see them. Complete Engine and Transmission Rebuid (almost everything was replaced including all seals, crankshaft, kickstarter gear, all rubber buffers, main bearing, 1st and 2nd gear, new clutch, new cross shifter, new stater plate pigtail, etc, etc...) $2200 spent on rebuild - all receipts available. Video record of the work as it was being done is available for your review. The bike odometer reads 27k miles, I bought from the original owner who did a frame off Respray in 2010. I can attest to around 1100 Miles put on it personally since restoration. The speedo has some clouding, I may have it rebuilt with new glass or replaced before sale. There is a guy in OC named that does it. New Wheels, Tires (Michelin S), Tubes. Brakes - new cables and shoes Wiring sorted and replaced where needed although I there is still a short somewhere. (I would recommend redoing the entire harness (part is $100, labor around 4 hours). Modern HID Headlight and Smoked Clear Turn Signals (front and back) Racing Seat New Battery Tank cleaned and new lines added ($200) Autolube replaced and working perfectly, only Motol 710 used since rebuild Crank oil replaced. New Carb/points, Air Box, Venting - stock stock - no messing around here. New Steering lock (working) with matched glove box lock key New ignition and key set. New petcock Locking Seat with helmet hangers. Chrome Leg Gaurd in place. Racing parts available ($500 aftermarket exhaust and Carburator). I removed these from original owner and put the bike back to original when I bought it in 2014. I also have a sissy seat and chrome front rack that I don't like the look of so I removed. Even have some old chrome wheels w/whitewalls if you want them. New paint from previous owner, a few scratches here and there, small hardly noticable crease on left cowling you can see in photos. This scooter gets lots of looks and is as original as it gets! I am not in a hurry to sell, but new job makes me not able to ride as much anymore, so it spends a lot of time in the garage. Licensed in California - paid through March of 2018  
LocationSan Diego, California 
email[retreive email address]
scooter for sale
Date posted2017-09-03 23:00:32