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1969 shut the fuck up
Year/Make/Model1969 shut the fuck up 
DescriptionWell if your going to quit using bad language and going off on spammers, then I'll carry the torch for a bit. Ok Osama bin laden little durka durka jihads brother , take your heart broken ,pussy ass crying ,bullshit and get off our site. We dont want love spells or dick and pussy creams. We want fast scooters,faster women, and pills or shots to make the burning drip go away. And if anyone out there buys this crap,use this site for what it is intended for, sell your scooters to me and go get yourself some razor scooters and go play in traffic. And remember, ride safe and have a nice day.......Assholes 
LocationSkid Row, Guttersville 
Phone900 mix alot 
email[retreive email address]
Date posted2017-12-15 20:42:11