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DescriptionI'm wondering if there are any Ted VanderKolk fans out there, from his Atwater Village or Glendale, California Motorcycle/Scooter store days? Or maybe some kids of his still? I bought his collection of scooters and parts and vintage magazines from 1945-52. I kept up with him until his last annual trek trip back to Europe for 3 years. The scooters are NOS 5 mile and 50 mile demonstration scooters that he used at the Trade Shows, then kept in his living room. I've had since 1998, and am wondering if someone would like to buy one or both scooters to use or maintain NOS? I have 2 motorized scooters, 2 non-motorized, extra NOS parts, helmet, magazines and accessories, plus stickers and stamps and sales records. (I don't see a place to put photos?). Let's talk....Thanks. 
LocationPasadena, California 
email[retreive email address]
Date posted2017-12-26 04:02:02