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1946-47 Cushman Civilian Airborne
Year/Make/Model1946-47 Cushman Civilian Airborne 
DescriptionHere is a one-of-a-kind, Cushman Civilian Airborne scooter. It is still in its original paint, as far as I can tell, but I am no expert. Purchased from a local gentleman who rode it in local parades in the early 1960s, but put it up on blocks in his dry garage in the mid-60s, where it remained until just a few years ago. Note the many custom touches on this bike. I have been told that some of them are original, period accessories sold through cushman dealers, but I am not sure if this is correct. Great chrome accent bars, crash bars, windscreen, dashboard with ignition switch and speedometer, siren, side marker lights chrome fender tip, toolbox, etc. Still on its original balloon tires, which hold air well. I have done very little with this bike, not wanting to screw up its originality. I cleaned the carb and fuel valve, freed up the sticky kickstart, and did a little light cleaning. I had to replace the cylinder head due to a cracked spark plug hole -- the replacement is the correct aluminum-type head. With this work and a new spark plug, the old girl fired right up, and I ran her up and down the block a few times! So -- I'd say there is nothing wrong with it that a little TLC and freshening up won't cure. Most of the original red paint is intact, as are the water slide decals. I haven't thoroughly cleaned the crime off the frame or chrome -- with a little elbow grease this will look a whole lot better than shown in the photos. I have NOT gone through the electrics -- but I can see some of the wiring is frayed or disconnected at the lights, but the wiring on these bikes is very simple to sort out. The speedometer works. I listed the mileage as 570 because that is what is shown on the odometer, but I have no way of knowing if that is correct, or if there is more mileage on the bike than the speedo. If you're a cushman person, you probably realize the seat is not original. The prior owner installed this custom seat (maybe from an old Harley or Indian?) back in the 60s as part of his customization program, and it has been on the bike since then. The vinyl has lasted very well, mostly because of the slipcover that has been on it all this time. Note the holes in the flexible pipe for the exhaust. I'll leave it up to you to repair this, or just clamp over it. (Even with the holes, the bike is not loud at all.). Note the interesting lever at the back of the chrome silencer -- this moves freely, and I assume it does something, like bypasses a baffle or something -- but I don't really know. Sure is cool though!) Please note that there is NO TITLE for this vehicle, and it is being sold on a bill of sale only. No titles for bikes this old are required in New York. Feel free to message me about registration/title options. I was told now that it is a 1946-47, but the prior owner had it registered as a 1948. I don't know the year of manufacture, but if you can help me figure it out. I'm not even sure where the VIN is -- so please help me find that too. Note -- the last photo shows a red seat cover, which came to me with the bike. It is just a slip-cover in vinyl, with a thick rubber pad. I don't like the way it looks, but it comes with the bike. I won't bother telling you all about the Civilian Airborne model -- you probably know more than I do , and anyway, you can just google it for the basic info. I will not crate this scooter. I am happy to have your shipper come get it, and I'll assist with the loading. 
LocationNew Rochelle, New York 
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Date posted2018-01-22 16:05:49