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1964 Lambretta LI 150
Year/Make/Model1964 Lambretta LI 150 
Description$3000 This is a very original, unrestored 1964 Lambretta LI 150 (the middle model with 2 tone paint) Series III (the last and most mechanically capable) Scooter from Milan, Italy.  It is NOT a Spanish Servetta, a reproduction, or an Asian Restoration (please read up on these and NEVER buy one).  I'll give a very detailed description of the condition:  I have owned this scooter since 2009 and cannot tell you about any repairs or issues before then. Body: Very straight with light surface rust in a few spots. I have no reason to believe it has ever been in a serious collision.  All 50+ year old scooters have been tipped over and this is no exception. Has a hole drilled in the leg shield where there was once a bad mirror installed.  You may need to install a mirror to be legal where you live. Paint: Original 2 tone.  Nice patina throughout.  It looks like there is a bit of touch-up spray on the floorboards. Stickered with Disneyland '68 parking pass, and "mod" LI decal. Motor: Original with appropriate serial numbers.  Runs strong with good compression.  Cruises with a 180 pound rider (at 5000+ feet elevation) at 45 mph.  Should be re-jetted if you live at sea level. Transmission:  4 speed with manual clutch.  Shifts smoothly through all gears.  Does not drop out of 2nd into neutral as older scooters are known to do.  Clutch has good friction and is not jumpy.  I've changed gearbox oil every year I've owned it with good non-detergent oil. Fuel System: Tank is very clean with only tiny bits of surface corrosion when looked inside with flashlight.  Carb has been cleaned and serviced regularly.  Good fuel tap, does not leak any fuel when parked.  Choke lever works just fine. I have always used Motul 800 synthetic 2T oil, not the cheap stuff from auto-parts store. Electrical:  Original 6 volt system.  Not terribly bright, but everything works (headlight, tail light, brake light).  Headlight cover is original stamped "Innocenti" Turn signals are on the end of your arms. Tires: 3 newer Michelin S83 all-weather tires.  No rot or visible wear.  Sport tires would improve handling, but these are good in the city and even in the rain. Rack: One of the cooler things on this bike.  Stamped "Made in Holland".  Never seen another one like it.  Holds spare plus pizza or case of beer. Seat: Is original and pretty rough.  Has a nice looking cover installed.  Would benefit from re-upholstery. Exhaust: Original, stock, and pretty rusty. Stand:  A bit wobbly.  Needs new rubber boots.  Looks to have been repaired before. Suspension: Rear shock is not original, but has been on bike since I've owned it.  Front struts should be replaced.  It rides like it is over 50 years old, which it is. Brakes: Very good.  Plenty of lining left.  I have been told by other vintage scooter enthusiasts that this is the best stopping Lambretta they have ever ridden. Engine Number: 150LI*649719 Frame Number: 150LI3*650527 More pictures available on request.  
LocationCastle Rock, CO 
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Date posted2018-02-03 11:21:38