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1900 solution
Year/Make/Model1900 solution 
DescriptionI have an idea. We can create a new site that can handle new posting and pulling legit posts/ads from Scootnet. We can have a few mods managing the pulling as well. I can do quick PHP or C# scripts to parse title, image, description, contact info. I can host the website or pay for hosting if necessary. With Scootnet, I noticed it is using old version of MySQL 5.6 which has some vulnerability. May be we can do some SQL injection to control the DB? Is anyone in the group with programming experience? Lets discuss if there are options to try to control the site. BTW, does anyone have a similar Vespa ACMA to the image below for sale? or the person who purchased it 2 years ago want to resell? 
email[retreive email address]
scooter for sale
Date posted2018-02-09 10:38:11