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1999 Scoot Dot Net
Year/Make/Model1999 Scoot Dot Net 
DescriptionI have used since the Jinx Scooter Club page first launched in the late 1990ís. The only thing that has changed is a couple (or one?) loud (newbies to the internet?) assholes who donít understand that there are spam and scams everywhere online (craigslist and FB arenít flawless either) and have to spew anonymous complaints all over this board. If you put up barriers to post or assign a group of moderators who eventually get on power trips, it all stops working organically and reliably. Youíre more annoying than the spammers. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. There are plenty of Facebook groups that are probably more your speed. It works the same way it has for almost 20 years. Lots of sites have been started to compete with it, I ran one in the late 1990's too, but forwarded later to, because has always ruled. And leave Bill alone with petty complaints. We've got almost half a million scooter rally pics stored on his server, I'd rather this didn't become a hassle for him.  
LocationSan Luis Obispo, California 
email[retreive email address]
scooter for sale
Date posted2018-02-09 20:20:44