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DescriptionPlease, site owner, delete the posts that offend me personally, but leave up my posts where I am trying to destroy your site traffic and make your site worthless. My complaints are as frequent as the spam, but somehow I am immune to the irony that I am as large a problem or larger than the one I am complaining about. Also, my site name is really stupid, so there's that. Let's all flock over there to see a few of the same posts and nothing else! /s If you don't like a free service, don't use it. Simpsons Halloween special opening, Simpsons being tortured in Hell: Bart, "Am I the only one in horrible, agonizing pain here?" Homer, "No, but you're the only one that won't shut up about it."  
LocationCrazytown, Denial 
email[retreive email address]
Date posted2018-02-12 09:23:59