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1960 VBB with P200
Year/Make/Model1960 VBB with P200 
DescriptionHello. Up for sale is my 1960 VBB with a p200 engine. I bought this Vespa many years ago from the fellow who runs the website You can find all the diagrams and his whole rebuild philosophy from the blog post he wrote about it (see link below). After I drove it around for a few years in SF I decided to restore it. I took it all the way apart, had the body professionally cleaned up and repainted in the original blue. It was not easy to find this color. I put it back together, replaced parts that needed to be replaced, but tried to keep original parts if possible. I barely had a chance to drive around and then I moved from SF down to Half Moon Bay. I had kids. And it's been sitting in my garage ever since. I am not trying to pull one over on anyone so I'm being very honest with this info: The good: Clean body minus a dent in a cowel where my wife knocked it over. New tires. New brakes. New battery. Lots of new wires, cables, et cetera.... The bad: Currently isn't starting for some reason. It started a month ago, but really, I've only driven it 30 miles since restore, and I drive it just down the harbor a mile away and back every few months. I really think the carb needs cleaning. It needs a new 2nd gear or to have the clutch adjusted. It skips a bit in between 2nd and 3rd. It did that before I restored it, and I meant to get it fixed after I restored the body, but I moved and never got around to it. Front brake needs adjusting (they work, but are a little tight). The horn needs to be hooked up. It's wired for a horn, I just never installed one. There may be a short somewhere. I always disconnect the battery when I get out , but if I don't, the battery drains. It's been like that forever, even when I drove it daily, and it's never been a real problem. I have a piece of trim for the front that I never installed. That sounds worse then it is, and I think someone could just take it to Scooteworks and have them fix it relatively easily. Or fix it themselves and save money. I have a 3 and a 5 year old, and live in a place with mostly highways, so I'm not going to fix it or drive. It's a great looking scooter that is so much fun to drive. Having a p200 engine that is so reliable and steady is great. But the body looks mostly original. I am asking $1500 obo, based on interest. It is currently insured and registered through April 2019. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY (unless it's easy to ship and I don't realize this...) Link to Scooterhelp for diagrams of original conversion to p200: Keywords: Vespa, p200, p200e, lambretta, vintage vespa, VBB 
LocationMoss Beach, CA 
Phone(415) 235-0035 
email[retreive email address]
scooter for sale
Date posted2018-09-04 17:34:26