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DescriptionJason - One post is a warning. All the other crap you threw up over the months is you making your problem someone elseís. The direction you have taken shows you are a headcase. I smile knowing you are out thousands of dollars in you scooter venture. Being 48, single, living with your parents is odd, knowing you are out all this money means you are just that much further from ever breaking away. I wish upon you further financial hardships, frustrations, bannings, etc... knowing that will screw with your mental state is satisfying. Long before you scoot net became less relevant. You arenít taking away much but in your head you feel you are king. You are a sad sad soul. Post away. Know this, that with each post you further display your psychotic behavior and insecurities. On behalf of the scooter community - you are officially banned from scootering as a whole.  
LocationCary, NC 
email[retreive email address]
Date posted2019-07-06 12:14:54