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1976 Vespa TS (euro Rally 125)  $3,200
Year/Make/Model1976 Vespa TS (euro Rally 125) $3,200 
DescriptionSheesh, where to begin...not sure what your bizarre passive aggressive rant is about, but it clearly says Vespa TS, and yes it is 100% accurately described as a Rally frame with 125 motor. FYI, i have had almost 10 people expressing interest, and I'm beginning to think you're one of those sad flakes. I have lived here for 23 years, and I have VERY cheap rent which i LOVE. I have had many roommates over the years, and I wash my dishes right after I eat, thank you very much. No fucking idea who "Jimbo" is. ****Why don't you tell us who YOU are?......although I already know. We had a big party and laughed about you***** Thanks for the free promotion by the way!......................... $3200, or best offer ****Can bring to the San Francisco Classic Scooter Rally Aug 16th-18th**** The Vespa TS is basically a Rally 200 frame with a 125 motor, and only sold in Europe. The frame is exactly the same as a Rally - spare tire under side panel, and legshield glovebox. 2-stroke engine, 4-speed manual shift. It is a non-battery AC electrical system, no oil injector, no ugly USA turn signals, and no ugly USA black plastic fuel lever. Freshly tuned up. Ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt carb. New engine seals, shifting cross, kickstart gear, bgm fuel tap, fuel line, center stand, etc.... Up to date registration and title. Itís a peppy machine as it is, but you could also slap a 177 cylinder kit on this, or install a P200 engine, and you would have a rare euro Rally 200. Summer is here, donít let this rare classic get snapped up by someone else! But please don't waste my time by contacting me and then flaking out with radio silence.  
LocationSan Francisco, California 
email[retreive email address]
scooter for sale
Date posted2019-08-08 17:03:33