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86 E start
Year/Make/Model86 E start 
Descriptioni don't get why everybody is having a whinge over this. who gives a shit if he won it shooting dice in an alley or got it willed to him from his fuckin' grandpappy that died. 1300 isn't bad for a fairly clean E start 150 that has a title and you could get up and running in a saturday afternoon for probably less than $200, including tires. if he was close i woulda shown with a G cash and see if we could hammer out a deal. it ain't 1992 anymore. motor rebuilds don't cost a case of beer and all the cheap scoots are gone. get off your wallets you nickle dick time wasters or stfu about the price. the market will bear what the market will bear. except for the ferrari. that's just egregious. they ain't never worth what you put into them.  
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Date posted2020-03-03 03:47:00