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1959 S2
Year/Make/Model1959 S2 
DescriptionSo you bought this scooter for $10k, blew up the top end, did the bare minimum to get it running again - and have now decided to sell it for $8500. I donít have any issues with the price, but I do find it strange that you go to such great lengths to describe ever single part on the scooter and even drag other shops into it (either because you are attempting to take advantage of the cachť of those shopsí reputations to boost give the buyer confidence or because you are attempting to give the impression that you are being honest and upfront through full disclosure on the history and build of the scooter) - but you donít feel it is also important extend that disclosure to your blowing up the top end and just slapping a gasket on it and calling it a day? You even list the type of chain guide in the engine but not that you just blew up the top end. You dismiss this as people being nit-picky as if it is pettiness. But isnít it really about being ethical? You literally offer the history fo the scooter over the past 6-8 years and then choose to omit what happened in May of last year. What is worse, arenít you a judge in Oakland? Arenít ethics something that is a big deal to being a judge? Maybe Iím just being nit-picky. Maybe you are a really great judge and a really awful scooterist. I certainly hope the scooter, at the least, ends up in the hands of someone who pays attention and is competent enough to own and operate it. And you still use hotmail? My god. 
LocationOakland, California 
email[retreive email address]
scooter for sale
Date posted2021-03-04 00:31:37