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Cushman many Years
Year/Make/ModelCushman many Years 
DescriptionCUSHMAN SCOOTER LIST TOTAL LOT $135,000 several duplicates I will sell separately. 65 Silver Eagle, 59 Allstate, 61 Trailster. 1965 SUPER SILVER EAGLE 1388 ORIGINAL MILES 1962 Standard Eagle 1961 Standard Eagle 1960 Standard Eagle 1959 SUPER EAGLE 800 miles since 100% restoration 1959 Standard Eagle 1958 Standard Eagle 1956 Standard Eagle 1956 Standard Eagle 1949 Model 54 stepthrough fully enclosed body “turtle back” 1947 Model 52 stepthrough fully enclosed body “turtle back” 1960 Roadking full body model 1959 Roadking full body model 1947 Roadking open frame extremely rare only about 14 exist 1959 Highlander model 729 open frame 1958 Highlander model 715 open frame with side panels 1958 Highlander model 729 open frame 100% taken apart 1957 Highlander model 729 open frame 1957 Highlander model 721 open frame 1956 Highlander model 721 open frame 1955 Highlander model 715 open frame with side panels 1961 Trailster 1960 Trailster 1959 Allstate stepthrough 1959 Allstate stepthrough, yep two of them 1947 Civilian Airborne 1950 Allstate model 811.40 very rare and complete. 1958 Truckster model 780, the holy grail of Cushman’s 100% complete 1956 Truckster model 780, but no sheet metal body on this one. 1942 Enclosed body model 32 “The Bathtub” Two mid 80’s Trucksters not fully complete (29) Two standard square box sidecars with complete frames One Shoe sidecar, extremely rare, only two known to exist. Note: Allstate was the name used by Sears for Cushman Scooters CUSHMAN ADDITIONAL ITEMS Boxes full of literature of all types, mostly owners/parts manuals 1000’s of extra parts & pieces, mostly used, some NOS, some rare such as,I have a dozen brand new red glass taillights for the 50 series type, worth $150 each. Dealer Cushman signage 8 to 10 foot long. I have a complete factory Tillitson carburetor manual, it alone I have been offered $1,000 for it. Rare scooter handlebar ratchet horns. At least 20 extra engines, some 100% complete with clutches and flywheels, each complete 8 hp is worth minimum $1,000. Most of the hardest parts to fine to restore those I have that are not yet restored, I have those parts, the soft parts, reproduction parts can all be had from Dennis Carpenter Enterprises in Charlotte, NC, about 2000’ down and across the street from the front entrance to the Charlotte NASCAR motor speedway. Full catalog of reproduction parts for most models. Tires, trim pieces, seats, carb rebuild kits, trans rebuild kits, chrome handlebars, tire split rims, axles, drive chains, springs even chrome springs for the seats, seat pans, mufflers, tailpipes, proper nut/bolt kits that match the original, everything you could need to restore a Cushman. I have separate Eagle frames, other scooter frames, front end assemblies, transmissions (about 10 or more of them), gas tanks for most models, seats for most models, and all other type extra parts and pieces in boxes, maybe 30 plus boxes full of all types of parts, and again some of it is brand new NOS parts, like a complete rear fender for a 64/65 Super Eagle worth probably $1,500 to $2,000 for that one item alone and still in the original box. Two complete 3 wheel service scooter platforms (all oak and new and worth $800 each)  
LocationSt. Petersburg, Florida 
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scooter for sale
Date posted2021-08-14 08:28:28