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1960 Harley Topper
Year/Make/Model1960 Harley Topper 
DescriptionRare, very hard to find, 100% original 1960A Harley Davidson TOPPER motorscooter (Blue one in picture). Needs to be properly restored before riding to say the least, as it has been in dry inside storage for better than 60 years plus and not driven. Scooter is 100% complete for ANY/ALL PARTS, plus a few extras including an extra body, as I found a partial Topper stored away in Al and purchased the necessary parts to assure that any restoration on this one is totally complete plus spare parts for future needs? Original seat covering materials are disintegrating due to sunlight exposure through a window where the unit was stored for 46 + years and the metal front body/windscreen no bends or dings and main body has no major cracks in the fiberglass body. Motor turns over easily as over the last 25 plus years I have owned it, I have lubricated the cylinder insides at least once a year to assure that it will turn over. Once restored you can sell the extra parts for at least MINIMUM $1,000, but knowing what I know I would sell them for $1,250 or greater, as that is what these parts are selling for (if you can find them at all) on EBAY. No current title, but we will give you all of the necessary proper legal papers to get a standard issued Florida title, or your money 100% totally back.* (* Once purchased and paid for, the Topper purchaser must immediately go and apply for and receive a new title with the proper legal paperwork provided, at any Fl DMV office, prior to removing scooter off seller's property, otherwise money back guarantee will not be honored). You can still get one only a little bit harder to do later. Owner's/parts/operational manual included with purchase. I have priced the Harley Topper at $3,750 with all the extras and the reason is as of March of 2019, I have seen the following; partial/rusted/damaged (front forks were bent as well as the wind screen rusted out badly) 1962 Topper sell for $2,400 at the Daytona Bike Week motorcycle flea market/swap meet in New Smyrna Beach, and a friend in Pennsylvania a year ago October sold his father's totally restored 1961 with an original accessory sidecar for $14,850. There were only 9761 of these motorscooters ever made for Harley over their total production run (per Harley Archives), and there are plenty of junk ones (and I do mean junk) up for sale that would take 10 to 20 times the effort to restore one of them, than mine because of the excellent condition mine is in, PLUS IT IS 100% COMPLETE, as it came from the factory. I restore Cushman's (own 36 of them) I know what it takes to restore an antique motorcycle or motorscooter, and this unit will be a breeze to restore and for very little extra cost. I'll bet the paint is the most expensive part of it (like a new set of running board rubber strips is only $80) and several other items if needed are on the net for reasonable cost. (One restored Topper sold in January (2018) at the Mecum auction in Florida for $10,000. It was a 1961 model and was restored by Jerry Perkins of Huntington Beach, California. (This sale info is off from the internet). Another restored one 1963 sold for $9,400 elsewhere. Cushman's in back of attached picture are part of a 36 plus two wheel Cushman collection that is also for sale that I own as a (One lot purchase only), as I am now full time in a wheelchair and will never get around to restoring the final Cushman's nor this nifty 1960 complete Harley Topper motorscooter. The entire Cushman collection, minus the 1920 hit and miss engine and all of the Cushman collection items can be yours for $135,000, and that includes the 3 & 4 wheel units. NOTE: NO TRADES, liquidating everything in my shop, all sales cash only. TO THOSE THAT READ THIS AD, I REPEAT NO TRADES AND ALSO SOME INDIVIDUAL CUSHMAN SALES, SEE OTHER AD. picture is (Blue Topper) for sale. So don't email me and tell me you can purchase an identical Topper unit like mine elsewhere for $2,000 but you rather have mine for the other price, so if such exist elsewhere go purchase it and it will cost you thousands more to restore than mine will! I've been collecting antique motorscooters for over 65 years, seen all, heard all, including all of the associated BS to go with it on the $100 barn finds.  
LocationSt. Petersburg, Florida 
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scooter for sale
Date posted2021-08-14 08:33:01