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1966 Vespa SS90 Replica (originally VMA1T)
Year/Make/Model1966 Vespa SS90 Replica (originally VMA1T) 
DescriptionEverything that's included is in the photos in this Google Photos album: I'm selling my SS90 replica project, which was originally a 1966 VMA1T Sears "Blue Badge". This is the best model to use because of the design aspects shared with the SS90 such as shorter wheelbase, large style engine door and no battery door. With some modifications, this model can yield the most accurate SS90 replica -- and you’ll have a 125cc engine to put in it, making it faster than an actual stock SS90. I spent a year collecting the parts and getting the body to this stage. The worst part of the project is already done (taking the frame apart). I was very careful to remove the old legshields and floorboards without damaging the frame. The frame is in excellent condition with just a few little dings and some small drill holes that need to be welded up. I got it soda blasted, then painted all the bare metal in primer to prevent rust. The front fender is still in the factory cosmoline. There’s zero rust anywhere. Included is a single piece SIP replacement SS90 floorboards/legshields, which needs to be spot weld to the frame. In the photos I have the frame sitting on top of the legshields to show the fit. Also, the floorboard supports come with it and need to be welded together and to the underside of the floorboards. I cut the supports to the correct length based on measurements I took off a real SS90, as SS90 floorboards were narrower than on the VMA model. Finally, the holes for the dummy tank on the center tunnel need to be drilled and threaded. I was planning to use blind rivet nuts since the steering column tube would prevent welding nuts to the inside. Everything fits together as it should on a real SS90. The dummy gas tank (glovebox), SS90 headset (includes internals), front fender, spare wheel cover, badges and other bits are the highest quality reproductions available. I spared no expense on this project as I wanted the replica to be nearly indistinguishable from a real SS90. Included are most of the parts you'll need. There will be some odds and ends left to buy, but those parts are common to most small frame Vespas and are easy to find. The brand new seat is a perfect reproduction with the correct "A. Rejna" badge on the back and is hinged at the rear just like a real SS90. Included is the original VMA engine, but the cases are severely damaged, so I'm also including a set of 4 stud V9A cases which I vapor blasted. A 125cc top end can be fitted to these cases. I was planning to put a 130cc Polini kit on it. I don't have the title, but I will include a Bill of Sale. 
LocationSAN JOSE, California 
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Date posted2021-09-02 12:31:09