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Cold Weather Challenge - 2004

These pictures were taken at Cold Weather Challenge - 2004 by various people, they are arranged by photographer.

Sponsors included:

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1. Must be on a scooter. no motorcycles and no
sidecars or 3 wheelers. 2 wheels only this year.
Must be a continuous ride of 10 miles or more. no
logging miles thru a day.

2. Distance is in miles and temp is in degrees F.

3. No wind chill temps. Just the real temperature as
indicated by a good source (weather channel, internet)

4. Contest ends Feb. 28, 2005

5. Coldest temp wins. so if you go 100 miles in 20 deg
and somebody does 10 miles in 19 deg the 19 deg wins.
If 2 people have the same temp the longer distance

6. This is just for fun so if you want to lie it's up
to you. If somebody sends me an email saying they did
10 miles in 15 deg in Florida I'll know
somethings up.

7. It must be a ride you just did. dont email me
telling me how last year you rode in really cold
weather. Must be from 11/25/04-02/28/05

8. HONORABLE MENTION!!! People living in colder
climates are going to have an advantage in this
contest so i also separate competitors by state. If
your riding in cold weather for your neck of the woods
shot me an email and I'll put you on for your state.
The same CWC rules apply. if you can send a picture
thats a plus.

9. If your starting temp is different then your
finishing temp just use a temp in the middle; example:
"I started the ride in 10 deg and when I was done it
was 0 deg." Your temp would be 5 deg.

Good luck and be safe. email your enteries to :

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