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Bagel Brunch and Oddscoot Classic - 2005

These pictures were taken at Bagel Brunch and Oddscoot Classic - 2005 in New Rochelle, NY by various people, they are arranged by photographer.

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Details: On September 18, 2005, Tom and Anna Giordano hosted their fifth annual Bagel Brunch and Oddscoot Classic (look in the photo galleries for more photos from years past). This year was the biggest ever, with approximately 65 scooters and 100 people in attendance. Begun as an attempt to encourage owners of more unusual scooters to fix, restored, ride and show them, the Bagel Brunch is open to all scooterists, and a affords Tom and Anna (now raising a small Felix and a smaller Stella) an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. A light brunch was provided, after which Anna led the pack, on her 1956 Dürkopp Diana (mit Kali seitenwagen) along a 20-mile, scenic ride to the quaint village of Armonk, and back. Tom, on the Bastert Einspurauto rig was forced to retire early from the ride when a last-minute patch to the front tire failed to hold. Thanks to everyone for attending, and to all whose efforts, assistance, and contributions made this year's Bagel Brunch a resounding success!

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