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ScottFromBaltimore  Date: 2005-06-06 08:36:09
Comments: Hey, how about selling your own bikes and not talking about other peoples, ASC Chad? Everybody's criticizing because it's easier than doing something worthwhile.

Unpossibles  Date: 2005-06-05 18:01:09
Comments: good point lcn, but I've seen some crappy bikes with shoddy parts from lots of places, including the ol' U. S. of A. too

teessider Date: 2005-06-04 16:35:49
Comments: Bondo breaking? Bad machined 5 port???-Nuts!! Grasping??-Yes! That list of your's is well thought up. Well done you! M-Class bikes are sound-just for the record. As for some bikes out of Asia with their old engines in, then fair enough. But there's nothing wrong with having a redone shell sent over, ready for all new parts and engine to be fitted over here.

cha cha, lcn, austin texas  Date: 2005-06-04 13:25:26
Comments: ok, then hit a bump and the bondo brakes. or maybe just stripped threads, bad machining, crappy fit, wrong parts. the list goes on and on..

teessider Date: 2005-06-03 16:39:22
Comments: Not when they're running with brand new 5 port's.

Unpossibles  Date: 2005-06-02 19:33:47
Comments: yeah, those non-Asian bikes never seize... <rolling eyes>

cha cha  Date: 2005-05-27 19:42:04
Comments: no, they are all pretty bad... some may run longer than others, but catastrophic failure is more rampant than not. the pakastani reference was to one certain maroon vespa with a weird studded seat cover that we saw on ebay a long time back.. hideous pakastani rebuild. . . thought that was the end of it, until it showed up at baron von scooter on a trailer... seized.

teessider Date: 2005-05-27 17:50:28
Comments: Pakastani? I think the plots been lost! Not all bikes out of asia(vietnam usually)are wasters. As long as you do the research, you can end up with a decent bike.

cha cha  Date: 2005-05-27 07:46:55
Comments: are you serious? i guess thats why there will always be a market for pakastani rebuilds.

teessider Date: 2005-05-26 17:26:50
Comments: Not always the case, rous me ol'cigar! The german bike's definitly a bute. Especially the brown pinstripes along the floorboards. The engines that are being put into the so called "bondo" bikes are also less likely to have as many problems as are what are in bikes like yellow pants!!

rouso  Date: 2005-05-26 14:01:40
Comments: no.....BONDO, BONDO, METAL

teessider  Date: 2005-05-25 23:31:31
Comments: do you mean - 2 bikes that are cosmeticly sound and drive well versus 1 bike that looks - well - the pants!?

rouso  Date: 2005-05-25 22:59:08
Comments: asian, asian, german

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