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Agent +.08  Date: 2002-09-28 01:04:23
Comments: Affirmative mayhem! We'll need a bigger bottle of jack for these ladies to get them interested in us though, brother!

mc Date: 2002-09-28 00:11:08
Comments: These are all Pushstart Ladies! The only club were the ladies
out number the men!!

Agent Mayhem Date: 2002-09-27 01:01:21
Comments: Alright Agent+.08, pack up the Rover, I think its time for another Agent Style road trip. How does the left coast sound?

rye  Date: 2002-09-26 22:41:32
Comments: just got out of flight attendant training school.

Agent +.08  Date: 2002-09-24 13:33:43
Comments: go ahead and scratch what I said about not wanting to live in CA earlier.

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