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an observer Date: 2002-10-20 17:51:40
Comments: not as creative as hodge's gas tank a few years ago...

FUCKO Date: 2002-10-18 20:46:06
Comments: shit for an asshole, says me.

Yeah baby, yeah! Date: 2002-10-16 20:11:51
Comments: That is definatly human crap! Poo's on you John. Wonder who did that, he should have won a "creative place to go to the bathroom" award.

Staffords Got ta Doodie Date: 2002-10-16 19:21:29
Comments: HA HA Stafford!

prefer to remain anonymous Date: 2002-10-16 18:43:04
Comments: Nope, Chelsea that is total BS and I know it. The person who did it came up to me Sat. night and said "hey guess what 'so-and-so' just pooed on stafford's bike, and I peed on it afterwards!
Or else that is the most amazing coincidence ever.

argh Date: 2002-10-16 16:21:51
Comments: NNGGuHH!

Pissed Off Sqrrl Date: 2002-10-15 10:52:23
Comments: Take That John Stafford!

Susan  Date: 2002-10-15 09:38:30
Comments: So, what you are saying is now he's pissing off squirrels at rallies?? sheesh!!

Chelsea  Date: 2002-10-15 08:56:01
Comments: it was actually a squirrel...we were loading the bikes up and everything was fine. 30 seconds later yielded poo dripping down the side. he cleaned it off at gas station and it bleached the rubber. totally gross.

Unkie Phil  Date: 2002-10-14 18:35:19
Comments: And by the looks of it...
It's still in the bed of his truck...ugh, 2 for 1 special.

sgs Date: 2002-10-14 12:04:42
Comments: let me be clear that the incriminators didn't do it. rules no 1 and 2 apply!

GSTom Date: 2002-10-14 11:53:11
Comments: Damn, that's fucked up. I know you guys don't like Stafford, but that's a little over the line.

Supergome Date: 2002-10-14 11:29:12
Comments: JESUS, glad I missed that.

sgs Date: 2002-10-14 11:10:38
Comments: actual human feces on a yamaha riva belonging to john m stafford. welcome back from the west coast celebrity tour, john. we haven't forgotten who you are.

GSTom Date: 2002-10-14 08:32:38
Comments: Oh man...I don't wanna know...

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