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Bagel!  Date: 2006-09-23 12:36:40
Comments: Unfortunately, I ran into some problems after I made it to Valentine, NE. I pulled the head to check the barrel, and aside from some scuff marks, it looked ok. I put in a new spark plug for good measure, and it started up first kick. I rode to the gas station, but then it konked out and wouldn't start again! I pushed it back to the motel and fiddled with it a little more that night, but I was really tired and went to bed. The next morning, I got up and started working on it some more, but to no avail. I checked everything I could think of, spark, fuel, compression, even tried another CDI unit, swapped out the pickup on the stator for a brand new one, tried push starting it, etc. But my efforts were to no avail, it just would not start. So, I had to load my bike on the trailer and sit out the day. As much as I wanted to ride, the break did me a lot of good, and I felt much more rested afterwards.

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