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Bagel!  Date: 2006-09-23 13:15:58
Comments: Although I had no mechanical problems on day 6 after I got my bike running again, day 7 didn't go so well. The flywheel side seal had become very worn (probably a consequence from the seizure in Nebraska), and it developed a leak that caused the motor to run too lean. It started running poorly halfway through the day and seemed to be pinging worse and worse as I continued on, then it seized up again just outside of Milan, OH. The odometer read 39,997 miles, and there was no way my bike was going to quit like that just before reaching 40K! I freed up the piston again using Roy's genius advice, then checked the seal to see if that's why it was running hot, which proved to be the case. I replaced the seal, and managed to get it running again, albeit poorly. It's a good thing that I had orderd a new cylinder kit as soon as I seized it the first time, because I was definitely going to need it now. After I got on my way again, I snapped a couple pictures of the odometer turning over, as I limped it the remaining 55 miles to Cleveland!

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