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Marko HSSC Date: 2007-06-27 14:35:36
Comments: ROFL!!!

Jake  Date: 2007-06-26 17:03:13
Comments: Ok guys. you got me. i am the real Sasquatch. while i'm at it, i might as well confess i was also the lone gunman on the grassy knoll.

Lerch Date: 2007-06-26 16:41:03
Comments: yea the Henderson's were nice enough to bring harry

carrie xyl  Date: 2007-06-26 15:39:41
Comments: Bears an uncanny resemblance to the Stan-squatch -

MikeScott  Date: 2007-06-26 15:36:50
Comments: They captured Sasquatch, shaved him clean, tagged him with a green wrist band and released him back into the wild...

Capt. Coucho  Date: 2007-06-26 14:29:05
Comments: The first documented Bigfoot sighting since the Patterson film ...somebody get Leonard Nimoy on the phone....I sense an "In Search Of" movie....perhaps Lee majors is still available

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