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a$$hole n 1/2 Date: 2003-05-24 08:57:53
Comments: it took 2 hours of shoveling with hangover to fill in so old dudes didnt bitch thanx

no neck  Date: 2003-05-19 23:23:20
Comments: badassness....

turboDude  Date: 2003-05-19 21:02:54
Comments: Anal turbo in canada strikes again!!!

killa b  Date: 2003-05-19 19:17:24
Comments: priceless ...

i didn\'t do it! Date: 2003-05-19 14:52:38
Comments: sorry forgot the link of the guilty...

i didn't do it! Date: 2003-05-19 14:52:13
Comments: this is the guilty TRUCK involved in the 'drive by mudding'. shame on them!!

screech  Date: 2003-05-19 12:33:04
Comments: not it!

Date: 2003-05-19 10:15:25
Comments: ouch.

Ginger  Date: 2003-05-19 10:04:24
Comments: I would like to know who did it.. I can't help that they were too chicken to fess up to it.

Attila  Date: 2003-05-19 09:10:06
Comments: How did I miss that? ROFLMAO!!!

Jedi Cha Cha  Date: 2003-05-19 09:04:19
Comments: So wrong.. yet so funny.

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