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Kieser Soze  Date: 2003-10-01 12:54:44
Comments: Day 28
My dearest Chris “Ace Face” Menke, it seems like ages since last my kidnaper’s let me speak to thee. I am still in decent spirits thank you very much especially after reading your wondrous post about missing me. But alas, it would seem that in your drunken stupor you must have forgotten that you placed me aside that ill fated day to snuggle up with your rally trollop. It was only then that that I was moved so I wouldn’t be drenched when those dastardly San Jose folks let lose the tides of the water hose upon thee in order to wake thee from your drunken stupor. If only you had looked around instead of guzzling more Jeagermiester and passing out once again me thinks that we would have easily have been reunited that fateful day.
That being said though, it brings my spirits up to know that SPARTICUS has told me that you and Ms Chelsea are to receive a gift of some sort in just over a week. I wonder what it might be, I wonder why they are taking their time in sending it too you. Maybe, oh maybe it might be…
Good day Mr. Menke

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