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george  Date: 2002-06-04 23:55:34
Comments: monkey! is that monkey from san diego? if it is and you see this, its me george, from costa mesa, remember me? well if you do email me!

timo  Date: 2002-05-30 06:52:29
Comments: they're watching me lick my eyebrows...

monkey Date: 2002-05-30 04:51:15
Comments: hey i aint even trying.

. Date: 2002-05-29 16:01:14
Comments: stop fishin' monkey, you ain't got a chance.

monkey Date: 2002-05-29 01:45:51
Comments: janel your still the cutest

. Date: 2002-05-28 18:32:28
Comments: those be some bj eyes

ch  Date: 2002-05-28 17:57:34
Comments: Slutty eyes all around..

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